Zoo "Roev Ruchey"

The zoo "Roev ruchey" was founded in Krasnoyarsk in 2000. It is situated on the bank of the powerful Yenisei near the Krasnoyarsk National Park "Stolby". The history of the zoo began with a small collection of animals. Nowadays "Roev ruchey" is a home for 300 animal species. 38 species of birds and animals are included in the Red Book.

The collection of the zoo has grown up due to cooperation with other zoos of the world, citizens' support and hosts of exotic animals. As time went by, the main aim of the zoo - to gather the full collection of Siberian region animals - had changed. Now Siberian fauna representatives live in neighborhood with "foreigners". An open-air cage 11 meters in height can strike your imagination for a long time - there are 6 giraffes living in it since 2007. Other exotic animals include black panther, 5 young pairs of pink flamingoes, zebras, antelope gnu, koodoo and many others. The favorite of "Roev ruchey" is a polar bear Sedov which was gifted to the zoo by the governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexandr Hloponin. The bear loves to play with unusual toys - jerricans, skittles and tires. It is always a real performance for the visitors when Sedov searches for his toys in a swimming pool.The workers of the zoo (180 people) do their best to make living conditions of the animals close to natural conditions. There are pines and other trees specially preserved in the open cages of ungulate animals and fish in the pond which clears the bottom.The design of many cages is unusual. Cages for birds are made of round logs; there are no corners in the cage of ostriches etc.Children have possibility to communicate with wild nature in a mini zoo which represents a small village. There turkeys, quails, hamsters, goats, rabbits and pigs are kept. Children are allowed not only to stroke them, but also to feed from a special box. This mini zoo has become very popular among children.There is a big place for fish, reptiles and exotic corals situated in the left part of the zoo. Special attention is paid to sharks' place. Its volume is 36 tons. The water mixture for sharks is close to the sea water."Roev ruchey" realizes a program "Take care of animals" which is successfully working in many world zoos.It is the only zoo in Russia which collection includes not only animals but also 400 species of rare and beautiful plants.There are several children playgrounds with different side-shows built on the territory of the zoo. One can enjoy a picturesque view of Yenisei from any place of the park. Coniferous forest which surrounds the zoo gives fresh clean air."Roev ruchey" park is a member of The Eurasian association of zoos and aquariums and the Association of world northern zoos.

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