Mobile Systems for Space Objects Research

During the two-week course, students will attend a series of intensive lectures focusing on The Principles of Closed-Loop Space Systems Running.

Experienced members of the University’s staff and Space Industry professionals will teach all lectures and seminars. They will help ensure that students carry out an experiment in developing and constructing a remote-controlled, mobile space-device by the end of the programme.

Throughout the programme, students will work on a group project in Mobile Systems for Space Objects with the aim of developing a spacecraft capable of auto-navigating difficult terrain, overcoming various obstacles to reach the targeted area.

Students will have the opportunity to meet highly qualified experts in the field and learn from their experiences, and also visit various Aerospace Industry Installations.

The primary objective of the course is to enhance the participating students’ interest in the field of Space Research and provide a solid grounding therein, upon which future careers or further academic research can prosper.

Lectures and seminars are held in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, the Foreign Language Resource Centre, the Scientific and Training Centre Space Systems and Technologies, the Industry Resource Centre Space Vehicles and Systems, the Centre of Space Observation and the SibSAU Student Space Mission Control Centre of Small Space Vehicles.

In general, there will be 3-4 lectures/seminars daily that last for an hour and a half each. Students have access to the library and computer labs. After the lectures, in the afternoon, students meet up in their groups to work to elaborate their group projects.

Russian language study is available but not required during the summer program.

Students from Germany have an opportunity to apply for the summer school with DAAD Scholarship support.

Programme Content:

The following courses will form the content of the course on Mobile Systems for Space Objects:

    • Production and Control of Spacecraft (2 ECTS credits)
      • Unit 1. Fundamentals of Robot Mechanical Systems
      • Unit 2. Spacecrafts
      • Unit 3. Control Theory: Automatic Control Theory in Space Systems
      • Unit 4. Spacecraft Automation System Hardware
      • Unit 5. The Fundamentals of Image Processing
      • Unit 6. Methods of Production and Control of Spacecraft Systems
      • Unit 7. The Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Networks
      • Unit 8. Fuzzy logic
    • Artificial and Natural Systems (1 ECTS credits)
      • Unit 1. Fundamentals of Astronomical Research
      • Unit 2. The Physics of the Rover Systems and Mechanisms
      • Unit 3. Detecting Environmental Conditions
      • Unit 4. Structure and Functioning of Artificial and Natural Systems
    • Russian Language (1 ECTS credit)

**Please see Course Descriptions for explanations of the courses.

Dates: 10 - 23 August 2014

Duration of the program: 188 hours (103 contact hours + 85 h. of independent work) or 4 ECTS (1 contact hour = 45 minutes)

Hours per week: 51,5 contact hours per week (excursions and independent work are excluded)

Target audience: the course is suitable for undergraduate students who are interested in Computer Science and the Space Sector

Language of instruction: English

Deadline: 30 June 2014


Participation fee: 650€

Included in participation fee:

  • Classes (188 hours or 4 ECTS)
  • Academic excursions to:
    • Visits to the Small Space Vehicles Industrial Plant
    • The scientific and training centre “Rocket and Space Technology”
    • The students’ space mission control centre of small space vehicles
  • Cultural program:
    • Guided tour around the city
    • Excursion to the Museum of Space Technology
    • Planetarium
    • Walking Tour around the Stolby Nature Reserve
  • Internet access in the University
  • Transfer from Krasnoyarsk Airport to the city
  • Russian language course

Additional fees are required for:

  • Accommodation
    • University dormitory
    • Hotel Krasmashevsky
    • Hotels/hostels
  • Transfer to Krasnoyarsk from your location
  • Visa procurement
  • Meals (lunch, dinner, about 200€ for 14 days)
  • Optional Cultural Programmes:
    • The Museum of Krasnoyarsk
    • Surikov Art Museum
    • The Bobrovy Log Fun Park
    • Boat trip on the River Yenisei
    • Roev Ruchey Nature Park
    • Karaulnaya Cave
    • Horse ridding
    • Go-Carting
    • Sport activities on Tatyshev Island

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