River Enisey

The Yenisei is one the biggest rivers in the world. Length of the waterway is 5075 km. With the river basin area of 2580000 km2, the Yenisei stands on the second place in Russia (after the Ob river) and on the 7th place in the world. Sharp asymmetry is typical for the Yenisei river basin: its right bank 5.6 times higher than the left one.

The Yenisei is a borderline between the Eastern and Western Siberia. The left bank of the river is an edge of the West Siberian plains, while the right bank presents the land of mountain taiga. The Yenisei passes through all climate zones of Siberia from the Sayan Mountains to the Arctic Ocean. Camels affects in the upper reaches of the river, polar bears affects the lower reaches.

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