Khakassia Lakes

Khakasia is famous for its numerous lakes. There are 167 lakes on the territory of Shirinsky district. Many of these lakes are mineralized and are famous for the healing power of their water. Nowadays there are 12 mineral lakes in Khakasia which attract people all over Russia and other countries.

The pearl of Khakasia is freshwater lake Itkul famous for its healing power. It is situated 4.3 km far from Shira lake. The area of the lake is 23.25 square km.

Shira lake is the main sightseeing place among khakasian lakes. This lake is known for mineral water and silt mud. The famous village Zhemchuzhny is situated near the lake. Its maximum depth is 21 meters, the length is 935 km, the width - 5.3 km. There are a lot of stone monuments and steles located near Shira. Everybody who comes here has a chance to touch the history of ancient people who once lived on the territory of Minusinsk basin.

Bele lake is situated 25 km far from Shira. This is the biggest lake in Khakasia. Its area is 75 square km. The maximum depth is 48.2 meters. The main sightseeing of the lake is a rock in the central part of the lake, which divides it into two small lakes. Local people call them Small Bele and Big Bele.

Tus lake is a salty lake situated 30 km far to the north of Shira village. The water of this lake is so mineralized that the salt excess forms the layer 0.3 m thick on the bottom of the lake. Under this layer there is a highly mineralized sulfide healing mud. The water consistence is close to that of the Dead Sea. Every summer hundreds of people come to Tus lake to restore their health.

Marankul lake is a legendary mountain lake with pure crystal water situated 1600 high above the sea level in West Sayan mountains. The temperature of the lake doesn't exceed 16 degrees above zero. The lake is surrounded by cedar taiga. The flora and fauna are rich for rare animals and plants. Fish species include grayling and northern whitefish.

Hankul lake is a healing lake too. It is situated at the foot of the mountain 50 km far to the west from Abakan city. The shores of the lake are sandy with silt and reed. The lake is famous for its healing water and mud from the bottom.

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