Karaulnaya Cave

Karaulnaya cave is one of the popular sightseeings of the Krasnoyarsk city. The total length of passages of the Karaulnaya cave is more than 540 m, and the lowes point is the Clay Hall that is located 41 m lower than the main entrance.

Durind the excursion route, which is about 350 m, the visitors take a look at the cave halls in next order: the Ice Hall, the Hall of Charm, the Clay Hall, the Dropping Hall. Some exhibitions are also take place in the cave: “The Paleolithic age painting”, “Cave deposits”, “The traces of ancient disasters”, “Pagoda”, “Monomakh’s Cap”, “Watcher of the cave”, “Gurs”, “The gallery of clay sculptures”. Also it is possible to watch the bats, that inhabit the cave, to learn about the stalagmitic structure, to watch the fanciful dripstones.

The excursion route is fully equipped for the visitors: the safety guards and a hanging bridge are fixed up, all the exhibits and backyards are hedged, the paths are trimmed, the entrance to the Hall of Charm is extended, in some areas steps are settled, the temporary twilight lighting is supplied.

Description of the cave entrance

The cave entrance is presented as an arc of the light grot with dimension of 6x5.5 m. Height above the Karaulnaya river altitude is 130 m. Approach to the cave is open. There is a 6x10 m ground near the cave.

Morphometric characteristic

  • Length of passages: 540 m
  • Depth: 34 m
  • Surface: 1300 m2
  • Capacity: 4300 m3

Morphological characteristic

The cave has a horizontal, gallery-grot, karstous type. The cave has two levels.

Geological characteristic

Vacuity is formed in dark-grey massively structured chalkstone, fissility is slabby, manner of occurrence is monoclinal. Rock age: riphean-vendian suite, ovsyankovskaya suite.

Dripstones. Deposits

The cave carries stalactites, stalagmites and dripstones with the drapery from white to brown colour. Entry section of the cave has a splash of alalanchine-gravity deposits and chicken grit, collapsed beds of precipitation. Clay and landslide deposits are pervasive. In the Dirty Grot there are thick deposits of leck and blocks of chalkstone.

Microclimate characteristic

Average temperature is +4оС, springiness is about 95%. High concentration of ozon.

Sports and technique characteristic

The cave has the second category of difficulty.

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